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Facility and Engineering

Precision Foundry Tooling utilizes the following software technologies to serve our customers:  WorkNC, Key Creator, Geomagic, DesignX, Polyworks:Inspector, and Romer: Absolute Scanning Technology.  PFT utilizes a 10,000 ft2 climate controlled production area with onsite access to another 50,000 ft2 .


PFT utilizes Vertical Machining Centers from Fadal to produce tooling that meets or exceeds customer expectations.  PFT takes pride in being a full-service Pattern Shop with fully trained and skilled patternmakers.  PFT has a good mix of talent, with a new generation of young talent combined with a very experienced and polished generation of patternmakers working side by side.   PFT has a good long-term strategy developed around unmatched service to their loyal customer base.



PFT's Lineup of CNC's include: Fadal VMC 4020 (4), Fadal VMC 6030 (3), Fadal VMC 6535 (1). 

PFT has an integrated design studio with fully customized hardware utilizing the fastest processing speeds on the market today from Puget Systems.

PFT has a developed prototype foundry for product development.

PFT has an assortment of patternmaking equipment to go along with the CNC's including but not limited to Lathes, Planers, Vertical Mills, Welding Tables, etc.


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