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Company Profile

Vision Statement

Our employees are the origin of Precision Foundry Tooling's success. Their Creativity and attention to detail throughout the design and manufacturing process guarantees a quality tooling product every time. We consistently strive to exceed our customer's expectations with the right blend of technology and personnel.

Mission Statement

Precision Foundry Tooling strives to meet customer delivery dates with high quality, aggressively priced foundry equipment.

Established in 1977, Precision Foundry Tooling has evolved into a full service provider of engineered tooling products to the metal casting industry.  During the past 39 years PFT has earned a reputation for high quality and meeting tight deliveries while consistently maintaining competitive pricing.  The existing company has continued to evolve through significant reinvestments in plant facilities, cutting edge technologies and personnel. 


Precision Foundry has gone the extra mile to make sure they are ready for the next generation of foundry tool making, If you look at the picture above you can see that there is a very good experience mix to make sure Precision Foundry is a valuable source for foundry tooling for each generation.


Pft has accumulated an arsenal of design experience while working with various molding and core making processes for several different industries.  We currently serve manufacturers in the agricultural, railway, commercial plumbing, compressor, automotive, electrical and hardware industries.  Given the opportunity, we believe our commitment to quality coupled with a competitive cost structure will prove to be a valuable asset to your company.





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